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Military Children's Charity Donations

Military Children's Charity is an organization that supports the children of Military families throughout the United States. Donated toys are given to children whose mother or father are deployed overseas.

Shaving Cream and Spelling Words

Last week, the first grade class decided they needed a more exciting way to practice their spelling words and spelling patterns. So, Mrs. Powers decided to squirt shaving cream on student desks and allow students to practice the spellings of the words while cleaning their desks at the same time! Here is some of what the students said.

Medieval Feast

As the culminating activity to the study of Medieval Europe, 7th grade students participated in a medieval feast. Students chose various roles and came dressed in character to the primitive gathering where they presented different forms of entertainment and trades to their classmates relative to their chosen persona. Read on to find out what seventh grade student, Dane Persek, had to say about his experience…

Walk Through California

Walk Through California, a presentation offered by California Weekly Explorer, brought California history to life for our students. On October 25th, the 4th graders dressed as pioneers, conquistadors, gold miners, missionaries, and Native Americans, just to name a few. They spent the day in Quinn Hall sharing their expertise on California with each other under the direction of the entertaining director, Julie. Students worked in teams as they participated in skits and activities about their great state. This experience and the knowledge they gained from this event will guide their learning for the whole year.

Mr. Poppen Kicks off Red Ribbon Week!

To kick off Red Ribbon Week, Mr. Poppen was invited to Saint Hedwig School to share his life story and inspire students to make good choices and accept others for who they are on the inside. Mr. Poppen's message encouraged students and teachers to never give up. Mr. Poppen is a teacher, author, and Paralympic athlete in two Summer games!

Saint Hedwig's First Family Mass

This year, Saint Hedwig students have the opportunity to participate in weekend masses. These masses occur about once a month at the 10 am Sunday service. By the end of the year grades 3-8 will participate in at least one of family masses. The first family mass was put on by sixth grade.

Celtic B Team Volleyball

Each Fall, Saint Hedwig Celtics gear up for yet another volleyball season. This year, the Saint Hedwig volleyball girls are fighting hard to win their matches against other Catholic schools in the Diocese of Orange. There have been some close games and one heartbreaking loss. So far the B Team is 6 and 1. They played tough matches against Saint Simon and Jude and Saint John the Baptist but pulled out wins against both opponents. On October 24th, the girls suffered their fist loss to Saint Simon and Jude but the girls' coach, Miss Dexter, says she's proud of her girls for loosing gracefully and having good sportsmanship. Keep up the hard fight Celtic B team!

Pumpkin Globes

Check out Room 3A’s pumpkin globes! On day one of this project, students painted their pumpkins, and colored the seven continents. On day two, students cut out their continents, and assembled their “globes.” They then worked together to label all oceans, continents, the Equator and Prime Meridian. On day three, students used push pins to locate different countries and cities on their globes! Nice globes, 3A!

Meet the Masters Vincent Van Gogh

The month of September brought with it the first of seven Meet the Masters assemblies. Students learned about Vincent van Gogh this month. He is a very famous artist who used texture in his self-portraits and other paintings to create beautiful works of art. Parent volunteers attended artwork instruction classes and taught a van Gogh art lesson to Saint Hedwig students.This month, students created their own “Starry Nights” using oil pastels.

Celtic of the Month

The last week of September brought along with it the much anticipated Celtic of the Month awards. Teachers were proud to recognize many students' achievements in front of the student body. Go Celtics!
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