Celtic B Team Volleyball

St. Hedwig Celtics’ excel in many different sports. But the sport I’ve been lucky enough to participate in is the girls volleyball team. The team is divided into two; a B team consisting of grades five and six, and the A team consisting of seventh and eighth grade. I am on the B team and coached by Lindsay Dexter, currently a sixth grade teacher. Miss. Dexter values winning but teaches good sportsmanship first. Celtics have a legacy of being strong athletes that win championships but what I will take away from my season is the community of girls that love the sport. An added benefit, is that it's the same girls that I sit next to in class and are friends with. We practice Monday through Thursday and have games twice a week for about a month. A short but exciting season that sometimes includes tournaments. Miss Dexter chooses a starting team that plays every game and the rest of the girls get to participate in friendship games. These friendship games help the less experienced players practice in a game setting. A pep rally introduces all the players and gets the school excited about our sport. The team receives candy for their participation, and has an overall great time. If you are considering St. Hedwig School, and their sports programs, then I encourage you to try volleyball.

-Sofia Youngs, sixth grade B team member