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Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader for Enrichment

Accelerated Reader (AR) program is a supplemental program used as a motivational tool to get students reading.  After reading a book within their reading level, they may take an Accelerated Reader quiz. These quizzes ask fact recall questions only.  The daily Language Arts curriculum focuses on teaching students higher level thinking skills (i.e. making predictions and inferences).  Therefore, AR is an enrichment program.  Please ask your child's teacher how it is used in the classroom.    

Helpful Information:                                                                         

  • Use ZPD as a guide for choosing independent reading books.
  • Read with your child!
  • Encourage your child to travel up, up, up and away into a book because it's fun.  Reading is a reward in itself. 
  • This is an enrichment program outside the language arts curriculum used as a motivational tool.  


Click on the link below for Home Access where you can view your child's book shelf and monitor his/her progress towards reading goals.