Walk Through California

Walk through California is a great experience! Walk through California is in Quinn Hall. All of 4th grade participated in this very special event. Walk through California is learning about the history of California through your classmates. You have an expert card or cards and you have to memorize the definition of the word on the card. You also have a question on the card that you have to look up the answer. You also wear costumes to Walk through California. Your costume can be your expert card or anything related to California’s history. You have teams, too. Each team has a name and a catch phrase. There is an outline of California on the table that is covered with lollipops. If the instructor says, “GO FOR GOLD,” you sprint to the table and grab a lollipop before the buzzer goes off. If the tip of your lollipop has been dipped in in gold, you yell, “EUREKA!” But, if it isn’t, you yell, “AH, BUMMER!” It was fun learning about the history of California. Walk through California is a lot of fun and has interesting information.

By Chloe Olson, Fourth Grade