Saint Hedwig's First Family Mass

On October 16, the 6th grade kicked off the student led family Masses at the 10:00 am Mass at St. Hedwig Church. The Mass was the first of a series in which students will participate in the Mass by providing services such as lectoring, altar serving, bearing the gifts, and helping during the collection. The Mass encouraged a bond between Parish and school and was well attended by teachers and families from TK through 8th grade who came to support the school and Parish. Fr. Chris Heath presided over Mass and gave everyone a warm welcome and a pleasant Mass. The parishioners and families gathered on the parish patio for doughnuts, scrip, and fellowship, and I saw quite a few friendly faces amongst the crowd. This Mass was special to me because I was the lector and I enjoy speaking and reading.

 -Alex Foy, sixth grade student