Pastor's Welcome

Dear St. Hedwig Families:


Thank you for entrusting your children’s education to St. Hedwig School. Know that I want what is best for your children and I am excited to work with Mrs. Erin Frlekin to make our school the finest that it can be. I want St. Hedwig School to have the highest level of excellence in education, formation, and community. First, your children deserve the best education when they attend St. Hedwig School. You can expect that they will have the best opportunity to learn and know more of what is most important for their age and grade level.


Secondly, when you send your children to St. Hedwig School, you can expect that they will be well formed in good and proper behavior. God created each of us in His image and likeness and we are called to excel in every way, including character development and growth in virtue and social skills. At St. Hedwig School, your children will learn about the Catholic faith, values, and way of life.


Lastly, we want to build a community where the teachers, administration, and parents are supportive of one another and work well together for the best of the children. We have talented teachers and gifted parents, who want to contribute to the good of the community. We welcome parent involvement and teachers’ insights in making St. Hedwig School the pinnacle of Catholic education. May the Holy Spirit pour out His gifts upon all of us as we work together to build God’s Kingdom and bear witness to Christ.


With much love and care,


Fr. Quan Tran