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Character Education


Character Education Ministry

St. Hedwig School strives to inspire and our students in the harmonious development of their spiritual, intellectual, psychological, social and aesthetic gifts.  Our character education program is crucial to this mission and we are proud to be continuing it this year. 

The aim of the Character Education Ministry is to teach our students the meaning of each virtue and provide them with opportunities to demonstrate these virtues in their daily lives.  Each month, we will focus on a different virtue (see schedule below).  Teachers will present lessons and students will participate in various activities to help them develop into people of character.

Catholic Virtues:



September:  Prayerfulness


October : Affability/Courtesy


November:  Patriotism


December:  Gratitude/Generosity


January:  Kindness


February: Obedience


March:  Sincerity/Trustworthiness


April: Loyalty


May:  Respect


June: Responsibility