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School Communication with Families

School Communication with Families

Sycamore Education


Sycamore Education, our online school management program, has all the information you need with one simple log-in.    On the school homepage, you can read articles on the latest school events, check the calendar for upcoming activities, and access the Principal’s Newsletter and other documents. 

If you want to know what is going on in the classroom, you can check the classroom webpages.  Teachers update this weekly and include dates for upcoming quizzes and tests.  If your child is in Grades 3-8, you can also view their grades on Sycamore.  We encourage families to check Sycamore for school news and student grades once a week.


 Schoolwide Email Alerts

We also communicate important reminders and upcoming events through email alerts.  Make sure you read any and all emails from “St. Hedwig School”.  The principal will communicate with parents via email to share exciting news and send reminders about what is going on at St. Hedwig. 


Faculty/Staff Email

All faculty and staff are easily accessible through email.  We will respond within 24 hours. 


Principal’s Bulletin (Brown Envelope)

On the second and fourth Thursday of every month, the principal updates families on the progress of the school in a newsletter.  Other important information is sent home via this brown envelope, such as flyers for special programs, information about fundraisers and service opportunities, and a monthly calendar.  This information is also posted on Sycamore Education.