Meet the Masters Vincent Van Gogh

We have a great art program here at Saint Hedwig School.  It is called Meet the Masters.  Each month, Ms. Stone, our Meet the Masters Coordinator comes to lead an assembly for our school.  At the assembly Ms. Stone introduces a famous artist.  She explains a little about their life and their art style.  Parent volunteers are trained to lead the hands on art lesson in class where we attempt to replicate one of the artist’s pieces.  

This month the artist we learned about was Vincent Van Gogh.  We learned that he had a disease that caused him to have random anger outburst and mood swings.  He only sold one painting while he was alive.  His style of painting was unique.  It was special because he liked to paint with small brush strokes.  He also liked to use contrasting colors.  We replicated the painting “Starry Night” using pastels on a dark piece of construction paper.  Instead of using a brush we used short strokes of the pastels to create the whirling wind patterns.  It was fun because we were able to use any color combination we liked so everyone’s artwork was a little different! 

Sam Hentges

6th Grade