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Volunteer Requirements/Parent Service Program


Thank you for choosing to volunteer. 


As part of our ministry to ensure the safety of our students, all volunteers are required to be fingerprinted and to complete the Safe Environment training every three years. Volunteers are also required to read our Policy Against Sexual Misconduct Book. Please print, sign and return pages 1 and 11 to Dianne Sabol. Once you have completed all requirements, you will be sent an email from Mrs. Sabol to let you know that you are clear to volunteer and may sign up for Track it Forward to begin logging your volunteer hours. 


Fingerprinting:  Please print and fill out the attached live scan application form.  You do not need to include your Social Security number.  You may scan and email the completed form to me.  Using this form, I will generate the fingerprint paperwork.  I will contact you when your fingerprint from is ready for you to pick up.  You will bring the fingerprint form to one of our approved locations.  Aim Mail Center which is located at11278 Los Alamitos Blvd is a reasonable choice.  The phone number is (562) 799-1414.The Mailbox at 6475 E. PCH in Long Beach is another location to consider.  Their phone number is (562)493-2489.    


Safe Environment:  Please go to login to to create an account under the Diocese of Orange.  Please make sure to sign up under St. Hedwig School, not St. Hedwig Church.  Once you have created an account, please click on the training entitled, “A Safe Haven-It’s Up to You-Orange” to take your Safe Environment Training.  Please use a laptop or computer when accessing this website.  This certificate is good for three years.  Please return a copy of your certificate to my attention, Dianne Sabol [email protected].        


 Policy Against Sexual Misconduct: Please find the attached Policy Against Sexual Misconduct Book.  I have attached pages 1 and 11 as separate attachments.  Please print pages 1 and 11.  Please Fill them out and return them to my attention. You may print, fill out, scan, and email them to Dianne Sabol, [email protected].   


Track It Forward is the platform which Saint Hedwig uses for your family service hours. Only hours that are
logged through this platform will count towards your 60 hour requirement. Through your volunteer
dashboard you can: log hours, view your total hours submitted and milestone progress, sign up for events
and more.

To get started with Track It Forward, click HERE!