Awards and Honors

The graduating class of 2018 garnered approximately $100,000 in scholarships to local schools. Our graduates excel in a variety of ways during high school, college and beyond and we're proud to feature some of their academic accomplishments below. 
If you want to share information with us regarding alumni, please email Meghan Garrison, [email protected]
Spring 2016-2017 Honor Roll Status
Mater Dei
Maddy Poe, class of 2014, Honor Roll Dean's List (4.0+)
Principal's Honor Roll with Distinction (no grade below an A- in all courses and at least 3 HP/AP courses)
Daniel Barfield, class of 2014
Jonah Bomwell, class of 2015
Andy Foy, class of 2015
Raymond Horvatin, class of 2015
Gaving Hudson, class of 2015
Steven Schaeffer, class of 2015
Principal's High Honor Roll (minimum 3.8 academic GPA)
Daniel Chelling, class of 2015
Andrew Hogue, class of 2015
Brendan Koerin, class of 2016
Principal's Honor Roll (minimum 3.3 academic GPA)
Jared Torii, class of 2015
Jerrid Trama, class of 2015
Fall Semester 2016-2017
Cornelia Connelly School
Juliana Resong, class of 2013, Honors with Distinction
Mater Dei
Maddy Poe, class of 2014, Honor Roll Dean's List (4.0+)
Fall Semester 2015-2016
St. Joseph
Lauren Yuniskis, Olivia Maxwell, and Lilli Erigero achieve "Top 25" status
The awards are presented to students who are currently enrolled in grades 10, 11, 12 using their cumulative GPAs on their June 2016 transcripts. 
Fall Semester 2015-2016 Honor Roll Status
Cornelia Connelly School
Meghan Shoop, class of 2012, Honors with Distinction
Juliana Resong, class of 2013, First Honors
Caroline Cantlay, class of 2013, Head of School Honors
Theresa Labuda, class of 2013, Head of School Honors
Bella Davies, class of 2015, First Honors
Melissa Wisnieski, class of 2015, First Honors
Hannah Patrick, class of 2013, Second Honors
St. Anthony
Summa Cum Laude (4.0 and above)
Claire Mizraji, class of 2012
Katherine Phair, class of 2012
Sarah Bancroft, class of 2013
Hanna Grosz, class of 2013
Emily Jackson, class of 2013
Cassandra Majano, class of 2013
Madison Mizraji, class of 2013
Cory Arnold, class of 2014
Michael Baldwin, class of 2014
Marcus Lopez, class of 2014
Rylan Mukssood, class of 2014
Jack Senske, class of 2014
Brandon Smith, class of 2014
Caroline Bancroft, class of 2015
Nathan Ampudia, class of 2015
Emily Curtin, class of 2015
Matthew Duffy, class of 2015
Aidan Grosz, class of 2015
Emma Mehus, class of 2015
Nicholas Mizraji, class of 2015
Jad Mukssood, class of 2015
Tara Stumpfl, class of 2015
Cum Laude (3.2 - 3.59)
Andrew Garrow, class of 2012
Jennifer Salvatori, class of 2012
Oliver Hadeen, class of class of 2013
Anthony Majano, class of 2014
Adam Bracken, class of 2015
Kelly O'Donnell, class of 2015
Taylor Stockham, class of 2015