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The Executive Board is formed by elections.  Every year in March, a nominating committee is formed and nomination forms are sent home to all parents.  You can nominate yourself or someone else.  The returned forms are sent to the Nominating Committee who then contacts all those who were nominated to see if they would like to run.  Voting ballots are sent home to each family in April.  


Who makes up the Executive Board?  This board consists of the Pastor, Principal, Assistant Principal, Parents’ Association President, First Vice President, Second Vice President(s), Third Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer, Service Coordinator(s), and Advisor.  This board sets the agenda for Governing Board meetings and facilitates the affairs of the Parent Association between meetings.

Fr. Chris Heath
(562) 296-9000
Erin Rucker
(562) 296-9060
Kelly Hentges
Presides over Executive and Governing Board Meetings, contributes to monthly Communicator, acts as liaison between parents and administration, and assists with any Parents’  Association functions.

1st Vice President
Karen Cottrell

Tina Gwizdak

Presides over Executive or Governing Board meetings if the President is unable and will also assume the office as a President.  These two people are responsible for coordinating the faculty and Staff Christmas Bonus Fund, the In-N-Out Fundraiser, and Artwork for Education.

2nd Vice President
Tiffany Ohno
Candace Minter
Presides over meetings if the President and the First Vice President are absent.  These two people are responsible for the fall fundraiser (wrapping paper and home items).  This entails meeting with the fundraising company, encouraging family participation, taking orders, and overseeing product distribution. They also coordinate several Dine-Outs throughout the school year.

3rd Vice President
Elizabeth Jones
Sarah Ireland
Presides over meetings if the officers above are not able to attend.  These two people are responsible for the Spring Auction Fundraiser.

Jill Martin
Presides over meetings if the officers above are not able to attend.

Tricia Hunter
Keeps minutes of all Executive and Governing Board meetings and distributes those minutes to each of the Boards for review.  Also is responsible for keeping attendance at both Boards.


Lauren Dunlap

Michelle Hertzog
Keeps records of all financial transactions that occur for the Parents’ Association.  Reports to the Executive and Governing Boards on the status of the Parents’ Association account and assists with the development and maintenance of the Parents’ Association budget.