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Summer Math Packets for Middle School Students


 Dear Parents,


Over the summer, we hope each student will retain the skills, knowledge and content mastered over the course of the last nine months. We are excited to provide the opportunity for students to do just that with our math enrichment program for grades 6th -8th. This program will help students to be better prepared and ready to succeed in their next math course.


Please see the attachments below by grade level. 


Grading: Completion of all the assigned pages/problems will be counted as your first homework grade of the year.


What portions of the math packet do I need to complete?

8th grade: Students that will be entering Algebra 1 (8th grade) are required to complete all even problems in the 8th grade packet.


6th and 7th grade: Students moving into grades 6 and 7 need to complete their entire packets as there are less problems.


Where do I complete the assignments? All problems should be completed on lined paper. Neatness is important in math, so take your time and use a pencil. Show all of your work and clearly number all of the problems. Circle your answers.


Due Dates: The assignment will be due to your teacher on Monday, August 27. (Note, this is the first day of school). Partial credit will be given to students who did not complete their entire assignment. No credit will be given to students who do not return their packets.


What if I struggle with the work? Please be aware that the math packet does not come with additional examples and/or instructions. Sections of this packet may be challenging for you at times. We suggest that if you run into difficulty with certain concepts and/or problems that you seek out advice from family and friends, previous math tutors, or utilize online resources such as Khan Academy.


Have a great summer! We look forward to working with all of you next year.


Best wishes,

Your Middle School Math Department