Student Council » Events


 Student Council commissioners and representatives sponsor and organize several events throughout the year for the student body.
  • Friendship Week - Students are paired with a friendship partner from another grade level and participate in various activities this week, such as dressing up for Pajama Day, reading with your buddies, and playing with your buddies at recess.
  • Friendship Rally - Student Council members put on a skit about what it means to be a good friend, in particular highlighting the Character Education traits.  The student body and faculty also join in to play fun games and win prizes.
  • Ice Cream, Candy Cane, and Valentine Gram Sales - The profits raised from these sales are donated to various charities, such as the Military Children's Charity for toys at Christmas.  Student Council also gives back to the school each year with money raised from these events by purchasing items such as a bike rack and new podium for Quinn Hall.
  • Monthly Birthday Celebrations - Each month, students' birthdays are acknowledged with a festive dance, song, and special treat at morning assembly.
  • Talent Show - The annual Talent Show features students from all grade levels demonstrating their special talents, which may include playing an instrument, performing magic, singing, and dancing.
  • Lip Sync - Students in grades 4 - 8 lip sync and dance to their favorite tunes.  Student Council and the Faculty also participate in this annual tradition with their own performances.
  • Field Day - Student Council organizes a full morning of outdoor activities, some of which include a water balloon toss, obstacle course, musical chairs, and foam noodle soccer.