Faith and Service » Retreats


Students in grades 2, 4, 6, and 8 attend a retreat, each with a different theme that reinforces the curriculum taught in the classroom.  The retreats allow for faith building as a community and provide opportunities for individual reflection.


  • 2nd grade students learn more about choosing right from wrong, asking for forgiveness, and God's love and mercy. Parents are encouraged to attend.
  • 4th grade students spend the day growing closer to God through prayer, Mass, and spiritual activities hosted by the Heart of Jesus Sisters.
  • 6th grade students are provided an opportunity to learn about God's grace during a day of reflection and activity.
  • 7th grade students attend a retreat on kindness and friendship hosted by Rosary Academy.
  • 8th grade students are provided with the opportunity to reflect on the relationships they have built with their friends and with God as they prepare to graduate.