St. Hedwig School

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Fall Pep Rally and Celtic Pride

Saint Hedwig's religious affairs commissioner, Molly Bancroft, kicked off the rally with a special prayer. The cheerleaders then welcomed everyone, and pumped up the crowd. They performed a military skit with Patricia Schroeder leading her cheer squad. Volleyball and football teams were called up and recognized in front of the student body. Each team captain shared team successes with the student body and coaches were thanked for all the support they have given Celtic team members this season. With the support of Mrs. Vasquez, cheerleaders organized different games that excited the crowd. The games that involved students included musical chairs, balloon popping, and "Sergeant Says" which was a play on the popular game, "Simon Says." Teachers also joined in the fun when participating in a military marching game. Students loved this one! To wrap up the rally, Ms. Rucker, our school principal, invited students to have their picture taken and praised students for winning and loosing with grace. Our Celtics know how to have fun and play hard!