Friendship Week 2016-2017

I loved every single thing about friendship week this year. Pajama day started the week off with a bang. It was so much fun to see all the different pajamas with funny phrases and lots of color. It was almost like the whole school was having a slumber party. How crazy is crazy? Well let me tell you there’s no limit to our school’s crazy. Everyone wore fun costumes and hung out with their friendship partners. Which one do you like better batman or joker? Wednesday was all about dressing up and being your favorite superhero or super villain. I even saw that one friendship partner dressed up as a superhero and the other one as a super villain. Just call homework passes my hero and homework my villain. St. Hedwig was twining it up on Thursday. Each friendship partner got to twin up with their other partner. They wore matching shirts or even the same color. The partners got to read to each other during the day. To end the exciting and fun week, Friday was all about Celtic pride. There was green, yellow, and white everywhere. We even had our friendship rally and let me tell you that the whole gym was filled with Celtic pride. Keep friendship week going all year round.

Lauren Hemphill

Here are some fun facts about Friendship Week. Monday was Pajama Day, and students wore pajamas. Some students rolled out of bed and didn't need to change their clothes. Tuesday was Crazy Day, and people wore different shoes and socks. Some people went crazy and spray-painted their hair! Wednesday was Superhero Day, students dressed up in superhero costumes and superhero shirts. It was fun seeing all the different heroes students dressed up. Thursday was Twin/Triplet Day, your friendship partner/partners dressed up in the same clothes. It's fun to see if your friendship partner/partners dressed up the same. On Friday, first we read with our friendship partner/partners, then we did mass with them/ him/ her and finally, we played together at recess. Mostly all 3rd and 7th graders played Sharks and Minnows.  There was so much action! It was a blast for everyone last week, especially for me. My favorite day was Friday because I like reading and going to mass and having recess with all my friendship partners.

Kai Letcher