4th Graders Take a Trip to Sacred Heart Retreat Center

Trip to Sacred Heart


Two weeks ago, 4th grade had the opportunity to visit the Sacred Heart Retreat Center and learn about God.  We learned about the married vocation, the single vocation, and the religious vocation.  The sisters taught us about Sister Ida and how one of the sisters became a sister.  The sisters taught us sign language.  We went to mass and when they played some music, we did some sign language.  Father Dan did the mass and he sang a song to us.  Then one sister told us a story about how God tells a few men to follow him.  The sister even taught us about how God answers our question, "What will I be in the future?"  Learning about God and the sisters was interesting.  I can't wait to go visit the Sacred Heart Retreat Center again.


Written By:

Rhea Udani, 4th Grader