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Thank You, Student Leaders: Altar Servers

Not only do students attend mass, they participate in it.

Once they have received the Sacrament of First Communion and have completed third grade, students can train to be an altar server. Responsibilities range from carrying in the cross or candles; holding the book of prayers for Father; setting up the altar for the consecration; cleaning up after communion and generally helping the priest keep the Mass running smoothly.

As altar servers gain experience, they’re able to serve at special religious services, including Confirmation, weddings and funerals. The commitment is 1-2 Saturdays or Sunday a month and a daily mass 1-2 times per month. The program runs year-round.

The following SHS students have served our school and church during the 2017-18 school year:

Nathan Barfield

Gwen Brown

Gabriel Burch

Caden Chavez

Carson Chavez

Mila Ciampa

Victoria Cox

Addison Edwards

Alex Foy

Ben Haynes

Grace Hentges

Sam Hentges

Kyle Hogue

Andrew Horvatin

Adelle Ibbetson

Dallin Ibbetson

Emma Jones

Rachel Kondo

Connor Pelonis

Suzie Quinonez

Jessica Resong

Lucas Reza

Madison Roach

Zachary Roach

Antonio Saunders-Squieri

Jordan Shade

Kyle Shisbey

Michael Shisbey

Kira Stahler

Kelly Welsh