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Thank You, Student Leaders: The Yearbook Committee

While students are making memories, the SHS Yearbook Committee is busy making sure they’re captured for years to come.


Committee members attend morning meetings once a week during the yearbook production timeline. They take pictures of students, organize meetings with teachers and format the entire yearbook throughout the year.


But it’s not all photos and captions: Students on the yearbook committee are also responsible for keeping their academic and behavior grades in line.


We're grateful for the hard work of the 2017-18 yearbook committee:


Meghan McGlinchey – 8th grade

Kylee Stockham – 8th grade

Isabela Torres – 8th grade

Kira Stahler – 8th grade

Perla Mukssood – 5th grade

Jessica Resong – 5th grade

Caitlin Ludwig – 5th grade

Adelle Ibbetson – 5th grade

Victoria Cox – 5th grade

Marissa Rodriguez – 5th grade