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Thank You, Student Leaders: 2017-18 Student Council

It's not all smiles and candy grams. Student council is a serious commitment that often involves time and effort before, during and after school. All students involved must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher; responsible behavior and work habits/study skills grades must be a B or higher.

This year alone, our student council has organized Friendship Week, ice cream sales, candy cane sales, Valentine grams, the lip sync and talent show, field day, birthday celebrations at morning assembly, Buck-a-sports shirt day and elections. Some of the funds they've raised are used to buy supplies for the events they sponsor, while the bulk is donated to various charities.

A very special thank you to Mrs. Marquez, who's overseen the program this year. And a heartfelt thank you to the following students for blessing our school with their service:  

President: Annie Karich

Vice President: Antonia Bareford

Secretary: Parker Smith

Finance: Angus Tyler

Religious Affairs: Dagny Canzoneri

Girls' Athletics: Brooklyn Soto

Boys' Athletics: Jake Cousino

Publicity: Billy Poe

Media: Sara Scalas

8th grade representative: Kaden Minter

7th grade representative: Juliana Stepanoff

6th grade representative: Francesca Pinon

6th grade representative: Madison Roach

5th grade representative: Ava Diette

5th grade representative: Prestyn Smith

4th grade representative: Ryan Hurley

4th grade representative: Nicky Webster