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Kickball: The Other Celtic Sport

Participants. Grade 3-5 participate simply by signing up. There are no cuts. All students and parents are welcome to watch, cheer and eat a Big Stick Cherry Pineapple Popsicle (we'll get to that later).

Basics. Now that sign ups are over, there are eight teams and two leagues — American and National. Each team plays six games within their league. Fifth graders volunteer to be captains, and draft from the pool of participants. The captains choose a team name and create a lineup for each game. There are no practices, jerseys, or fancy team banners. 

Refs. Eighth grade volunteers to referee the games. They love the whistles.


Game time. Games are played from 3:10-4 p.m. most days, and 1:55-2:45 p.m. on Wednesdays.


Championship game. The two teams with the winning record from each league will go head-to-head in a Championship Game.

Prize. Mostly bragging rights, but you also get a cool ribbon.

What's the deal with the milk window? From a parent's perspective, it's a school fundraiser with a wide selection of ice cream, soda and candy that costs 50 cents or $1. From a kids perspective, it's an afternoon sugar rush.

2018 schedule


Thursday, March 15

Flyers vs. Steelers, diamond 1

Ballers vs. Destroyers, diamond 2


Monday, March 19

Pipe-Riders vs. SMaX, diamond 1

Razzmatazz vs. Rebels, diamond 2


Wednesday, March 21

Destroyers vs. Flyers, diamond 1

Ballers vs. Steelers, diamond 2


Thursday, March 22

Rebels vs. Pipe-Riders, diamond 1

SMaX vs. Razzmatazz, diamond 2


Monday, March 26

Steelers vs. Flyers, diamond 1

Flyers vs. Ballers, diamond 2


Tuesday, March 27

Rebels vs. SMaX, diamond 1

Pipe-Riders vs. Razzmatazz, diamond 2


Wednesday, March 28

Destroyers vs. Ballers, diamond 1

Steelers vs. Flyers, diamond 2


Monday, April 9

Rebels vs. Razzmatazz, diamond 1

SMaX vs. Pipe-Riders, diamond 2


Wednesday, April 11

Ballers vs. Steelers, diamond 1

Flyers vs. Destroyers, diamond 2


Thursday, April 12

Razzmatazz vs. SMaX, diamond 1

Pipe-Riders vs. Rebels, diamond 2


Friday, April 13

Ballers vs. Flyers, diamond 1

Steelers vs. Destroyers, diamond 2


Monday, April 16

Razzmatazz vs. Pipe-Riders, diamond 1

SMaX vs. Rebels, diamond 2


Wednesday, April 18

American League vs. National League Championship


National League: SMaX, Pipe-Riders, Razzmatazz, Rebels

American League: Ballers, Steelers, Flyers, Destroyers