St. Hedwig School

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4th Grade Retreat

My class and I went to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Retreat Center on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. When we got there, they told us to give them our name to write it down on a name tag. The nuns talked about what we did the last time we went there. Afterwards we got to eat snacks. We ate donuts and drank orange juice. 
After snack, we talked about how Jesus got his Apostles. Then we got to play outside.  My friends and I played basketball with students from Christ Cathedral. After playtime was over, the boys went to a separate room to meet with our priest, Fr. Chris. He talked to us about how he became a priest. Then we went to Mass. When Mass ended, we had lunch. 
We got to play jailbreak and lightning after lunch. Then the nuns called us back into the building to make a box full of prayers. Before we left the center, we went to the church to ask God what our vacation was. We had a lot of fun with the nuns.
Written by Jaiden Gutierrez, 4th grade