8th Grade Takes a Trip to the Courthouse

   On Thursday March 16, 2017 the 8th grade class visited the Santa Ana Courthouse. We learned so many things that we didn’t know about our court/legal system. We were able to see the jury assembly room, which as we learned is where the jurors go to meet and wait for their name to be called for either a case assignment or dismissal. We also went to a traffic court room where we were able to ask questions to a judge about our court system and some of our current laws. Some of the 8th graders were able to participate in a mock trial that took place in a real courtroom. We were able to act as if we were a part of a real case, which was really fun. After that we very quietly went into an actual trial going on about a DUI case. There we were able to see the prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney present their closing arguments to the jury. Our trip to the Santa Ana Courthouse was very interesting, and was definitely one of the best field trips we have ever had.