Running Until My Feet Fall Off!

Running club is one of my favorite things to do! The St. Hedwig running club has about 45 members. Each week we get together. What we do first is we stretch. This helps our muscles. The second thing we do is we run laps around the blacktop and baseball field. Also, we get popsicles when we are about to leave. Yum!  We always attend running club after school two times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have been doing this at school for a while because we were preparing for The Race on The Base! The race was so much fun. Some of our coaches are Mrs.Laines, and my mom, Mrs.Cunnane. They are awesome! They encouraged us to prepare for the race and helped us persevere when we wanted to stop running.

Let’s talk about the Race on the Base now. Our running club participated in the 5k but some people did the 10k and/or the 5k. A 5k is about 3 miles long. Wow! That’s a lot! A 10k is about 6 miles long. Wow! That’s even more running! When we got there we stretched and got ready to race. People from my club were wearing Saint Hedwig T-shirts and Race on the Base T-shirts.  “On your mark, get set, go!” said the race leader. Everyone ran and tried their best. I was so proud of myself and my mom. I was also proud of everyone in my running club. They tried hard! The most exciting part was when we were done we got a shiny medal that said, “Race on the Base.” Now you know all about my running club.  You should join the running club too so you can run with me and my mom!

By Hannah Cunnane

Third Grade Student