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Flexible Seating in Grades K-3

This year in grades K-3, students are enjoying flexible seating. What is flexible seating you ask? Great question! Flexible seating allows students the opportunity to choose to sit where they feel most productive and most comfortable. Teachers offer a variety of seating options in different areas around the room during independent work times and center times. Some students feel that Yoga balls help them focus better when working independently. Others choose scoop rockers or sit on carpet squares with a clip board. Studies have shown that offering a variety of seating options for students and evolving the classroom space to meet students’ individual needs impacts how they learn, how they interact, and the entire classroom experience. Teachers have noticed that when a learning space evolves, students' work improves, level of focus increases, and students are on task for longer periods of time.  

“I like the rocking chairs because they are comfy.” – Maddox Balladares (1A)

“I take my iPad to my chair on the carpet.” – Ryan Pelonis (1A)

“I like the rocking chairs! They are fun!” – Liv Diette (1A)

“Room 2 has spider chairs. Spider chairs can be pink, and green and very comfy. Our mushroom chairs are like spider chairs but smaller. We also can use trays. They have cup holders! Last, we have magic carpets that can be navy, green, orange, and light blue. I think they are great!” – (Room 2 Students)

“The Yoga balls are fun because I can bounce in them while I read.” – Delyle Jackson (3A)

“Our wobble cushions can fit into our regular seats. They help me sit up straight and focus better on math stuff.”  (Room 3A student)