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iPad Training for Teachers

One user-friendly they learned learned to navigate through was Nearpod - a web-based classroom tool used to create multimedia presentations that engage students with interactive lessons. Teachers can create quizzes, polls, slideshows, videos and other activities students can respond to providing the teacher with immediate feedback. The ways to create meaningful and interactive multimedia presentations with this app are endless!

Teachers also explored Sumdog- a web-based app that allows students to learn a variety of math concepts through gaming. Sumdog offers individualized games based on a student’s skill level determined by a diagnostic test. This gives teachers the ability to reinforce student learning in a differentiated way while tracking student progress over time. 

Another app discovered was Educreation.  Educreation offers students the ability to create their own videos to demonstrate knowledge of content using their own voice. Students can draw, import photos, type text, and much more. These creations can be viewed under the ELMO and shared with other students. The faculty is eager to begin using these valuable learning tools in their classrooms to enhance student learning.