Science Fair is a Success!

I  read the newspaper and internet news daily.  I often wonder what type of world will my children encounter when they are adults.  I also wonder what will our leaders of tomorrow look like.  I pause, sigh, and sometimes feel concerned.  Something happened this last week that made me take note of my concerns and realize that the future is extremely bright!  I had the most wonderful opportunity to attend the Science Fair at St. Hedwig School.  The science fair is held once a year with the seventh and eighth grade students participating in the areas of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science.


These students select an area of science and a topic that is most interesting to them.  They then formulate a question which they would like to answer.  The scientific process begins!  The students learn the scientific method as they design their experiment and complete their research.  They work very diligently during class time and at home to create a workable solution to their question.  Students can work individually or with a partner.  The creativity is beyond description.

The St. Hedwig students are very supportive of each other and often participate in others research.  The educational experience for them is invaluable.


I saw so many wonderful and interesting projects!  I saw research designs that were clever, sound, and showed a broad scope of abstract thinking and reasoning.  Students expanded their knowledge on the anatomy & physiology of the body, pathology, chemistry, physics (although they haven’t had a formal course you could see those who will shine in this area), engineering, and its applicability to the world around us.


I feel so excited for the future with these children leading the way.  I wish I could see them 20 years from now as they pioneer new designs, avenues, solutions, and lead the way for their future generations.  Yes, the future is bright!  Thank you to our students, teachers, administration, and parents for the hard work, dedication, and support that went into each research project.  We have the best of the best at our school.  I know we will see our Celtics shine!


Patti Patel

Parent of Eighth Grade and Third Grade students at St. Hedwig School