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Day 1

Students have just arrived in Washington D.C.  and will begin their tour of the nation's capitol.  Check back tonight for posts from our students about their experience on the first day.
MLK Memorial
Today we visited the Martin Luther King memorial. We saw famous quotes that he said through his lifetime. We also saw the 30 foot statue of Martin Luther King. It was symbolic of all of his accomplishments and achievements. It was also very symbolic because the stone of hope came from the mountain of despair. The quotes on the wall where very inspiring to see because they showed his beliefs and perspectives throughout his life. 
Grace R., Talia S., Susie Q.
Lincoln Memorial
Today in Washington D.C, we had the opportunity to visit the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial is a memorial built to honor the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Our favorite part about this amazing experience is how big the statue actually is in person. We learned that there are 58 stairs leading up to the statue. The number is significant because he died when he was 56, and he served two terms. 
Peyton V., Sadie S., Olivia J.
Vietnam Memorial 
Today we visited the Vietnam Memorial and learned that 59,325 soldiers died in the war. This includes 8 women who were not actually soldiers. We also learned that each name on the wall has either a cross or a diamond next to it that represents if the soldier died in the war or went MIA. The Memorial also has two statues as part of it. The first one is of nurses in the war that represented compassion, faith and hope. The second statue was a group of white, black and Hispanic men that were facing the wall of names. They are said to be watching over their fellow soldiers who had fallen. 
Sam C., Aiden G., Lucas O.
Korean War Memorial
The Korean War Memorial has many pictures that depict the war. We really liked how the pictures showed the many different jobs that men and women had in the war. We liked this Memorial because it actually depicted real soldiers. We learned the artis used photographs from the National Archives to create the images. The Memorial also showed that dogs were used in the war. Unfortunately we learned that many dogs died because they were left behind. Dogs are now never allowed to be left behind. 
Austin P., Jude J., Dane P.